Hospitality Skill Development trainer

A very versatile profile with over 37 years of experience from grass-root level to Skill University .
My profile as a Skill Development Trainer at ITIPUSA & Nodal officer WCSC of Delhi Skills & Entrepreneurship university, currently as a Vice Principal of the topmost ITI in Delhi and as a Chef in Culinary Arts & other fields of Hotel 🏨 Management subjects & starting joint ventures with 🏨 in the field of hospitality education in govt institutions.Recently started course in Hospitality Operations,Digital Marketing & Data Analytics,Beauty& Health Wellness at World Class Skill Center Pusa & WCSC at IIT Dwarka . WCSC have now merged with Delhi Skill& Entrepreneurship University ,A Delhi Government initiative & all upgraded to Graduation level.

The courses are aligned with THSC/NSQF levels Four and Five.

I was also a team member in compiling a one year Food Production course for World Class Skill Center.The Course has been aligned with THSC/NSQF levels 4&5.

I have also worked in the field of Skill Development courses inElectrical, Automobile, Refrigeration& AirConditioning for establishing workshops & labs in ITI Pusa in collaboration with multinationals for students with various supports from International agencies .This being a additional work besides listed above .

I am also suppose to liaison with Hotels , Educational Technical Institutes for implementation of Governments policies in Hospitality programs signing of MoU for other courses (Technical &Non Technical(Apprenticeship Training) and placements of passed out trainees in Technical fields,interaction with foreign dignitaries on educational issues, creating training Modules and upgrading skill development programs,

Finalising programs for students under Ministry Of Skill Development.
I also preside over various culinary contests as a observer & judge.
3. Member AMFORHT -World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training ! the worldwide ethical network focused on Education and Training.

AMFORHT forms a unique platform for meeting, create business & cooperation between key players of the Hospitality, Catering, gastronomy and Tourism Industry.

It has been launched 50 years ago in France on the initiative of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and has remained true to its objectives. Since 2017, AMFORHT is granted a Special Consultative Status by the United Nations (Economic & Social Council).

▶️I am the first Indian to be granted this prestigious membership of this institution.◀️

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