Kenya Wildlife Safari

The Swahili word “safar” means “journey.” It is an Arabic noun where ‘safar,” means journey, trip, travel or tour.

The verb in Swahili “to travel” is kusafiri. It was in the 1850s, explorer Francis Burton, introduced the word “safari” into the English language. Karibu (Welcome) to an enchanting, cultural and an African wildlife adventure through Kenya!

Travel through the mountain highlands, passing the coastlines of the Indian Ocean with white sandy beaches and encountering the Big Five – elephants, leopards, Cape buffalos, rhinos and lions including local tribes.

Ever thought of a walking safari? As you make your way, quietly, through the wildness, learn about the geology of the landscape, discover some amazing archaeological artifacts along the way, encountering insects and tiny mammals hurriedly burrowing into the ground for safety – a fine balance between the wild and nature. Not only is it safe to par take in a walking safari but less stressful for the animals.

A safari menu is expansive – hikes can last for a few hours to a number of days coupled with camping under the stars and may be, at a distance, a lion’s roar can be heard as one falls asleep. A walking safari also has great health benefits – excellent cardio exercise and an immersive spiritual retreat! The best Travel Prescription – mind, body and soul.

Photo credits: Pixabay, Will Shelley, Katsura Tanaka, Rohan Reddy, David Clode and elcarito – on Unsplash

Some unique experiences within Kenya include the Gene Ruins, near the town of Malindi. Built from lime, coral stones and sand, is an archaeological and historical site. Traveling deep into the forest, is an abandoned town, believed to have been established in the 13th century.

The fascinating discovery is the advancement of the city’s construction. Built with lime, sand, and coral stones, the once medieval Swahili city with well laid out streets, remains of pillar tombs, a mosque, drainage gutters, and vault-like secret treasure stores. Another hidden gem to visit is Hell’s Gate National Park. It is named after a narrow break in the cliffs, which was once a tributary of a pre-historic lake.

A small national park, one can see a large variety of limited wildlife and the scenery is breathtaking. Wildlife includes lions, cheetahs, leopards but most importantly, the rare lammergeyer vultures can be seen here including over 103 bird species and more. Kenya – she is bold, beautiful, mystical, magical, soul stirring and most of all a destination that will awaken your heart, mind and soul!

It was in the 1980s that Somalis introduced camels to northern Kenya. Like other nations, Kenya is facing climatic changes – the weather getting hotter, unpredictable rainfalls creating droughts and land erosion, making it tough for cattle to graze.

Thus, the need to employ camels during this drastic changes. Another form of adventure safari is “Camel Safari!” As one travels through luggas (sand rivers) and forests, the landscape, wildlife and scenery changes each day. Your private camel caravan transports you across the Laikipia Plateau. Your Samburu warriors and elders, will guide you through the semi-desert environs. Luxury coupled with adventure – at each campsite, awaits a cool welcome drink, relaxing near a river and a delicious luncheon.

One can take a nap, meditate or read followed by a sundowner. The evenings are spent around camp fires under a carpet of stars and a gourmet dinner. Being part of a society and understanding the people, culture and tradition, embarking on an adventurous camel safari, lends an informative and personalized experience “a day in a life of a Samburu.” It is a once in a lifetime experience, embarking on an exciting and adventurous “Camel Wildlife Safari.” The pace will be yours – leisurely or fast, where each sighting of the wild – small or large, will leave you in awe. Being one with nature is a unique spiritual connection that is unforgettable! It is the simplicity of life that re-connects one to the true essence of life. Keen on embarking on an ultimate Camel Safari through the African bush, getting acquainted with the Samburu clan, as you hike through your wildlife safari?

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