Global Leadership Program

The Global Leadership program consists of growing your career from trainee to manager in just three years! Placement International is the only organization that will allow you to continue your professional development in the United States after your first J1 by allowing you to repeat a J1 program in a higher position after a short succession.

Repeat J1 Visa

The J1 visa allows students and professionals the opportunity to learn more about their industry in the USA through a cultural exchange training program. This is especially helpful for workers in the hospitality industry as the USA is at the very forefront of hospitality innovation and professionality. Best of all, unlike similar traineeships across the globe, a J1 trainee will be required by law to earn, on average, the same as their American counterparts.

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Placement International helps you to travel to the United States with a J1 visa and to repeat this experience with no hassle!  

Following a J-1 traineeship, participants are eligible to re-enter the USA with a J-1 visa after a two-year period. Participants must have acquired supplemental work experience within their respective fields and cannot repeat the training or experience.  In addition, the two-year home residency requirement means that applicants who enter the United States on a J-1 visa cannot become permanent residents of the United States, or be granted any work or relative visa status, including H, L, or K, unless they return to their country of residence after two years or more.

However, Placement Internationa is the only recognized company that can help you repeat the J1 visa program for less than 2 years.


The advantage of repeating a J1 visa program

 If you repeat your J1 visa, you have the opportunity to work in the same or another company but in a higher position up to manager in the United States!  

Placement Internationa helps you secure your position in a luxury hotel or Michelin-starred restaurants in the United States.  In this way, you will have the opportunity to go from apprentice to manager within 2 to 3 years.  


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